Gurjit G
7 days ago

A visit to the Gobi desert in Mongolia, driving in 4x4s on the hardened desert surface with no roads, in search of nomadic tribes, their gers, the legendary white wolf, following directions based on the guides senses or sometimes prayer flags that are remotely and seemingly randomly placed in the desert, chancing upon fossilized trees on the desert floor where dinosaurs once roamed, would have remained a dream but for the miracle of flight. For most travelers flying into Beijing is an expe...

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8 days ago

Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) a very nice and special place! Everybody might visit it!

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George Andritsakis
13 days ago

In the Summer of 2012 my family was planning our annual trip to Greece when we decided to spend two weeks in two other destinations somewhere nearby, We picked Cyprus and Lebanon. Cyprus was almost a given since we are Greek, but the trip to Lebanon was on my bucket list. I have always wanted to go, and was blown away with both their national airline, MEA, and the Lebanese people. Not to mention all of the places we visited both in and outside Beirut! I hope we can have another trip like...

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Lorena de- Matteis
13 days ago

I went to Milan just to visit the Science Museum in order to see the transatlantic Conte Biancamano because it is the one that brought my father's family to Argentina after WWII. It was very special and everyone at the exhibition hall was very kind and interested in the personal significance it had for me, even some tourists with children who asked me questions ;) It was a great day! And the museum was incredible too, as the rest of the city, but my main interest was the transatlantic so it...

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Melanie Besson
22 days ago

When I lived in Korea, I flew to Tokyo because I knew that I could not have gone home and said that I lived in Asia for a year and did not visit Tokyo. So I went with the most affordable tickets I could get, Korean LCC Eastarjet. In the end, I do not regret it because it was interesting to feel how singular this city is, especially compared with other big Asian cities. It is more of a collage of different towns than a distinctive city itself. I loved all the Tokyos: quiet and peaceful Mt Fuji...

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Massimo Catusi
22 days ago

Flying to Dubai on tuesday and coming back on wednesday just to go to swim in the morning and skiing in the afternoon!

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