Lina Lim
7 days ago

When I was 5 years old, in 1995, I flew with my parents and my younger brother who was just 3 years old back then, on a Thai Airway Boeing 747 to Thailand for holidays. It was my first time traveling on the plane and back then, the livery was the old classic kind and Changi Airport was not as fanciful as it is now. Whenever I see Thai Airways planes with the old livery, it really brings back lots of memories of my childhood and the beginning of my love and passion for aviation. Not to men...

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Allan Damp
9 days ago

My first airplane rides, over a 2-week period, were in a Slingsby sailplane at the Bristol Gliding Club in the late 1950s. None were longer than about 10 minutes. Commercially, the first was after getting married in 1964. My wife and I flew in a BEA Vickers Viscount from Manchester, UK to Dublin, Ireland. The weather wasn't good, and we didn't see much except the inside of clouds until 5 minuts before touchdown. Since emigrating to the US and going to work at Boeing, I have flown many hundred...

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Nilofer Lalani
10 days ago

A trip to Capetown with my husband on our Honeymoon to South Africa in Dec 1997, its like being in the most amazing place. It was our first trip and we were amazed to see how peacefully the transition had taken place. I admire Nelson Mandela, the Guru of peace, harmony, unity and brotherhood. Capetown trip is must if one wants to see humanity and heaven on earth. Good luck !!

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12 days ago

When I was 8 years old, in 1960, I flew with my parents on a Lockheed Electra II from Dallas to Washington, D.C. I remember the stewardess (as they were then called) let me open the passenger door when we arrived. It was one of the formative experiences leading me to become a pilot myself.

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13 days ago

My first airplane ride was in 1974. I was only eight years-old, but I recall much of it in vivid detail. The plane was an American Airlines 727, flying from Boston to Washington, D.C. -- about a 70-minute flight. I remember they served sandwiches and cheesecake desert. In economy class! I have a photograph, taken by my mother, of my sister and I walking up the stairs to the plane.

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Ashley Hinton
17 days ago

I remember our first aeroplane trip as a family. My parents took my brother & I on our first foreign holiday, flying on a little BAC One-Eleven it felt like a massive machine back then. I loved the engine noise particularly during reverse thrust! I think that family trip, my first flight, created the aviation enthusiast in me. I still break into a massive smile when I'm on a plane & the engines spool up for take-off.

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