44 days ago

I don't think life would be worth living without bananas!!! Yup, someone said it. My mother told me to eat them, so I do. Every day. OK, and juicy seedless white grapes... and avocados...Oh yes, and I always seem to have limes in the fridge for recipes...and strawberries/raspberries in Summer. I really must pay more attention to food labels.

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44 days ago

I remember my grandparents talking about rationing of food after the second world war. My father describing how a banana was something to be marveled at. Children today are able to see, smell, and taste food that comes from all over the world. This surely is something to celebrate, I believe it brings us closer to cultural diversity and through that a greater understanding and appreciation of the world as a community. I celebrate the chicken tikka sandwich.

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46 days ago

Tomatoes - Just imagine a world without them. They are in EVERYTHING and we simply don't grow enough of them where we live to make a difference.

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47 days ago

I'm a big fan of cheese; whether it is a Spanish Manchego, English Stilton, french brie, Italian dolcelatte, Croatian pag or even American Monterrey jack, all taste delicious in their own way. Its amazing what sort of food we can access the world over thanks to air cargo. I wouldn't be able to make my favorite Corsican dish without Brocciu. Don't even get me started on the list of wines to go with the cheese, another truly global commodity!

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47 days ago

When I think of world sourced food, I always think of Bricklane food market on a Sunday afternoon in London. There's at least four or five different halls all along the road that have every possible food you could imagine, it's amazing! The whole road is full of curry houses and Indian specific food supermarkets as well, that I'm sure get all sorts of fresh spices flown over to them. The whole road really smells and sounds worldly, and on a Sunday afternoon, it's just buzzing with people look...

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