Melanie Besson
4 days ago

When I lived in Korea, I flew to Tokyo because I knew that I could not have gone home and said that I lived in Asia for a year and did not visit Tokyo. So I went with the most affordable tickets I could get, Korean LCC Eastarjet. In the end, I do not regret it because it was interesting to feel how singular this city is, especially compared with other big Asian cities. It is more of a collage of different towns than a distinctive city itself. I loved all the Tokyos: quiet and peaceful Mt Fuji...

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Massimo Catusi
4 days ago

Flying to Dubai on tuesday and coming back on wednesday just to go to swim in the morning and skiing in the afternoon!

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5 days ago

New York for 4th July fireworks at a rooftop party in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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Richard Galbraith
5 days ago

So many places to chose from, so many amazing experiences, flying over to NYC for the first time has to be a big one, it's just one of those cities you HAVE to see at least once in your life, I've been back about 8 times now and love it every time. I flew into Egypt years ago with my family because the pyramids were on our collective bucket list, completely mesmerizing. Flying to Toyko was a big one as well, had always wanted to see the 'neon city' and finally made my dream come true a few ye...

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