Bonface Nyagaka
1 day ago

Sincerely aviation industry changed my entire life, from making new friends at the airport through dream is to upgrade my studies especially in aviation industry.

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20 days ago

As I think about how I got into social media, it was all due to travel. As a foreign exchange student who had not only flown thousands of miles from home to Australia for university, but then spent a good portion of my winter break traveling through SE Asia, everywhere I went people would say - "Hey, do you have Facebook me? Friend me". Now, when I look at my Facebook Newsfeed I see friends faces from all over the world that I've met. People I never would have had the chance to meet had we no...

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Joaquín Vergara
21 days ago

As a student pilot, aviation has been my life since day 1. I remember that I was always used to draw planes while infant and nowadays, with 18 years old I am flying them, and currently have 17 hours of flight, doing my best to become an airline pilot. My first trip in an Airliner was back in 2010 on a route from COPA Airlines from Montevideo, Uruguay to Panama City, Panama. Everything so new, finally was in an airplane. Got to meet the crew and the flight deck. Then also flew in Airbus A32...

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22 days ago

When I was 18 I traveled to America as part of the Camp America programme, to work on a summer camp with a bunch of other youngsters in the summers months between 6th form college and university. What I didn't realise is that everyone going to work on my summer camp was also on the same flight, and we'd actually been put in seats next to each other! Once we realised we all started talking about how super excited we were for what was coming and we all got along amazingly. 12 years later i'm st...

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22 days ago

Connecting with friends overseas is a wonderful privilege that aviation has afforded us in recent decades. One of my favourite-ever trips was to see a friend who was working in Hong Kong. It was 2003 and the SARS virus was putting people off travel - meaning ticket prices were cheap. I arrived in Hong Kong having never been to Asia before...and was blown away by the heat, the sights, the smells, the bustle, and the food. My friend, delighted to have a chance to show off her temporary home, tr...

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22 days ago

As a child of an Army officer, who was often stationed abroad, I went to boarding school and had to travel for a number of years as an "unaccompanied minor". With hours before flights spent in a holding lounge trying to be grown-up and highly sophisticated, you often struck up friendships with your fellow "Dilbert-badge" wearers. One of those friendships has lasted over 25 years, and was absolutely borne from a mutual thrill of flying without parents and the love of air travel.

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